Announcing the opening of registration for the 2018 Season

Please be on the lookout for the email announcing that registration is open for our 2018 season.   You should expect to see it in the next week or so.

The Board of Upper Providence felt that it was important to send out this communication in advance of registration opening because we are very excited about some enhancements that we are making to this process. 

Over the course of the year, we do our best to interact with our membership and we solicit feedback from many of you all of the time.  As a result, we feel that we are improving our registration process this year so that we cut down on some of the ongoing requests for additional financial contributions that are burdensome to you.

The cost of this year’s registration for Baseball and Softball will be $150.00 per player.  The cost of this year’s registration for our T-Ball Players will be $105.00.  Please note that this is the same cost as it was last year as we have elected not to increase the registration fees for our league this season. We will continue to offer the multi-player discounts that we have offered in the past, which provides a $10.00 discount for each registered player after the first.   

We are also following the same exact process as last year by INCLUDING a $10 snack bar contribution and a $10 Volunteer contribution in everyone’s registration.  THIS IS INCLUDED in the FEE of $105 and $150.  As you know, each family is required to work the snack bar throughout the season and most of the time you elect to have a volunteer to work your shift for you.  The cost of this decision is $10.00 and, typically, this is paid through the Team Parent and ultimately to the teen volunteer that works the shift.  That will not be happening this year as we are including your $10.00 contribution to the snack bar with your registration.  Of course, if you prefer to work your shift in the snack bar during the season, feel free to let your Team Parent know that and your $10.00 will be returned to you when you show up for your shift.

In addition, as was mentioned above, we are INCLUDING a $10.00 per player contribution to assist with our volunteer needs throughout the course of the season.  Volunteers run UPLL and the success of the league is dependent on people willing to donate their time and effort. If you will recall, in years past we asked our members to elect one “volunteer opportunity” over the course of the season during registration.  The options were: Upper Providence Day, General Facility Needs, Upper Providence Easter Egg Hunt, the Conor Mckenna tournament. 

So, in an effort to assist with this very important part of our league again in 2018, we are INCLUDING this fee as part of registration and we will use this fee to pay our junior volunteers to work during these very important events throughout the year.  This was also done last year and it was very successful.  Of course, just like in the snack bar, if you are interested in working one of these days, please notify your Team Parent and arrangements will be made to get you scheduled for the event of your choice.  We will gladly return your $10.00 to you when you arrive for your scheduled day.

To break down the overall registration (not including fund raising) – it is $150.00 for each baseball and softball player and $105.00 for each tee ball players.  These amounts INCLUDES the $10 for snack bar and $10 for volunteer coverage.

Fund Raising Update

Over the last 2 seasons, I am sure that you will agree that the work and improvements around our complex have been substantial.  We are very excited to report that the following projects have been completed at UPLL over the last 2 seasons –

  1. Penn Liberty field has been completely re-done to include new grass, new infield cut out, new baselines, new pitcher’s mound and new grass cut out behind home plate.
  2. Constructed a new family pavilion area in the center of our complex
  3. New 1st base dugout on Penn Liberty to include new storage shed and press box
  4. The entrance into UPLL’s complex has been paved from the street down into the stone area of the parking lot.  This is a multi phase project
  5. All baseball fields (Total Custom, Vist, Wegman’s) have been completely re-done to include new infield mixtures, new baseline cut outs, reduction of lips between infield and outfield, new batter’s boxes and new pitcher’s mounds.
  6. The Tee Ball field has been completely re-done to include new infield mixture as well as expanding the infield to create additional practice space for our baseball divisions
  7. Added parking spaces around the back side of the complex behind Total Custom Field
  8. Improved the drainage system throughout the complex and corrected a dangerous sink hole area that was immediately outside of the Wegman’s fence

The membership of our league has been very active in raising the funds to be able to make so many improvements around our complex.  Most of the resources devoted to these projects were generated from the fund raising efforts over the past 3 years.

For the 2018 season, the Board has elected to use the Raffle Sale again as it has proven to be effective for us over the most recent seasons.  Having said that, we are going to enhance the program slightly in a way that we feel will be beneficial to everyone this year and in years to come. 

If you will recall, we ask that each player sell 5 raffle tickets at a cost of $10 per ticket.  We also cap this for families with multiple players in our league (No more than 2 players per family for the raffle sale).  Also, last year, we offered an “opt out” option that allowed you to do a one-time contribution of $35 at the time of registration and relieved you from having to sell any raffle tickets.  Historically, about 70% of our league has chosen that option.

In 2018, we will be adding the $35 fund raising fee into the on-line registration system (up to 2 per family) and we will still be issuing every player 5 raffle tickets.  This gives every player the option of selling the 5 raffle tickets for $10 per ticket if they choose to do so.  Please understand that none of the money that is collected by the player from the raffle sales would be due back to UPLL since each player would have fulfilled their fund raising responsibilities when registering for the season.  All we would ask is that the raffle tickets were turned in so we are still able to announce the winners at UPLL Day.

To summarize for a baseball or softball player’ registration this season - $150 (Base registration fee that includes Snack Bar and Volunteer) PLUS $35 fund raising contribution with the potential of earning all that money (and more) back by selling 5 raffle tickets.

Finally, we want you to be aware that the registration system will not accept a player if payment is not rendered at the time of registration. 


The Board appreciates the ongoing support of our membership and we hope that you are looking forward to 2018 as much as we are.  If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reply to this email and we will be happy to get all of your questions answered promptly.


Thank you.


UPLL Board